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Just start by filling in the booking form and let’s have a first chat together. Tell us about yourself, what you want to visit, what you like and for how long you want to book a guide so that we can prepare you for an optimal and personalised experience.

When it’s done, the guide will bring an EMV terminal so you can choose the way you want to pay. With just a tap of your card or your phone, EMV chip or magnetic swipe thanks to SumUp.

Price per Group (Max 6 guests)

  • 2 consecutive days from 190€
  • 3 consecutive days from 280€
  • 4 consecutive days from 350€
  • 5 consecutive days from 400€

    Museums, activities and meals not included.
    All-inclusive price communicated once the form is completed.


  • If you book a week in advance 5%
  • If you book two weeks in advance 10%
  • if you book a month in advance 15%

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Why you are going to love it

With your private guide set a meeting hour and start your day. Your guide may come take you from your hotel on the first day if you wish. Then he will show you Paris as you agreed during the booking process. 

All along your journey he will make you discover Paris by feet, bycicle, bus and subway according to your preferences and the choosen touristic sites for the day.

Together explore the city at your own pace. The guide will never rush you. If you want to enter a shop, change the program of the day or take a coffee, just do it. Our pleasure.

At the end of the day, the guide will accompany you to your hotel. If you wish, he will advise you where to go for a great evening and give you directions to get there. He will tell you what to visit around if the area is pleasant, and how to get back to your hotel depending on the hour.

Everything is taken care of. You just need to be there and fully enjoy your stay so Paris stay the most beautiful city on earth.

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