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in no time. Just click next after each step.

First, choose a tour and click on it.

If you are booking for several people, please indicate the number of attendees that accompany you

Select the date and the starting time of you guided tour.

Tell us about you. Basic informations like your first name and last name and your mail adress to send you the confirmation. Please leave us a phone number so we can reach you if necessary. Feel free to write us a litlle note to let us know about anything you need. 

Eventually, all you need to do is pay by credit card with Stripe and you're done. You may also choose to pay on-site with our EMV terminal.

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For any kind of inquiry, please call us at +33 6 78 32 85 57

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  • Champs Élysée - Guided Tour 8h
    95.00 € Book Now
  • Ile de la Cité - Guided Tour 3h
    45.00 € Book Now
  • Latin Quarter - Guided Tour 3h
    45.00 € Book Now
  • Montmartre - Guided Tour 3h
    45.00 € Book Now
  • One-day tour 8h
    95.00 € Book Now
  • The Marais 3h
    45.00 € Book Now
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We are always delighted to have an opportunity to discuss with you. We share with you our advice on how to visit Paris and we recommend the most suitable guided tour for you and the duration of your stay.

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Always smiling, the team keeps growing up every month. All have one thing in common, they love Paris, meeting people and sharing their passion with visitors.

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